When you complete a MARC Review or MARC Global run and select 'Save review', all of the options configured for the run are gathered together and saved as a record in a database.

We use the term 'review' to refer to this record, and we call this database your 'Saved Reviews'.

The 'Reviews' form displays all of the reviews that you have saved.

You can sort the saved reviews on any column or field by clicking on the label at the top of the column. You can re-size any column, and you may make the form bigger or smaller by grabbing the sizegrip in the bottom right corner with your mouse.

The Review ID field is a unique number assigned by the program to each review that is saved. A Review ID number is used only once; if a review is deleted, its ID number is not re-used.

Most of the fields on the Saved Reviews form are read-only, except for the 'Review Group' and 'Review Name' fields. You can make changes to these fields simply by typing directly into the corresponding cells.

To save changes made on this form, press 'Save'; when you are finished; press 'Cancel' to abandon any changes made.

To delete a saved review, click on the review then press the 'Delete' button.

To expand the row height of the table, click on the 'Multi-line display' checkbox at the bottom of the form.


The 'Review Groups' field makes it possible to group or organize your saved reviews thematically, or by project, etc.

Each saved review is added to the 'DEFAULT' group (by default). You can specify a different review group, or create a new one from scratch, on the form that is used to save the review.

You can also create and edit groups on this form by typing directly into the 'Review Group' column.

You can easily change the group field in multiple consecutive records at the same time. First, select the 'Edit groups' check box at the bottom of the form. Then, in the review group column, click on the first 'Review Group' cell to be changed, and, while holding down the <Shift> key, click on the last 'Review Group' cell that you want to change. Type the new 'Review Group' name in the last selected cell; when you are done, press <Enter> or <Tab>–all selected 'Review Group' fields will be changed to the new name. WHen you are done editing Review Group names, uncheck the 'Edit groups' box (This restores the default highlighting that occurs whenever a cell is selected).

Note that each saved review can only be a member of one group. You can get around this by copying reviews; or creating a Review Group called 'COMMON', to which you would add saved reviews that apply to multiple project.


If you have a lot of saved reviews, you may find it useful to filter on the Review Group column.

At the top of the Review Group column is a small down arrow. When you click on it, a list will open that displays all of the review groups that you have created. Next to each item in the list is a checkbox. If you select the check box next to one of your groups, only reviews with that value in the Review Group column will be displayed. You can select as many groups from this list as you wish.

For more details on filtering, please see the links at the top of this page:


It is not possible to change the parameters of a saved review on this form.

If you want to change the parameters of a saved review, start the program, load the review, and then make changes using the option forms; when you are done, save the changes and overwrite the original review.

Using this method ensures that any changes you make are valid, and also gives you the chance to test the changes.


If you are running MARC Global, a panel called 'Autoreviews' will appear to the left of the Saved Review panel.

An Autoreview is simply one or more saved reviews collected into a single unit. An Autoreview can be saved and later loaded and run on a file just as if it were a saved review. An Autoreview can also be applied to any record you are editing in a MARC Report Edit Session.

To create an auto review, click 'Create AR' on the bottom left and enter a descriptive name. This will create a new Autoreview file using the name you just entered.

To add saved reviews to an autoreview, simply drag and drop the review from the saved review form to the auto review form. To delete a review from an auto review, select the review and click 'Delete' (bottom right). To change the order of the saved reviews in an autoreview, drag and drop the reviews into the order that you want them to run.

To remove a saved review from an autoreview, select the review to be removed, then click on the 'Remove' button at the bottom of the panel.

The run order of the reviews is very important, since each saved review will be run on each record in the order in which it appears.

NOTE: Changing the order of reviews using drag and drop may not work properly when the complete list of autoreviews is not visible on the screen. If you are experiencing problems with this, try expanding the autoreview/savedreview screen to full size.

You can create as many Autoreviews as you wish.

The same saved review can be a member of different autoreviews.

Removing a saved review from an autoreview does not have any impact on the saved reviews.

However, changing or deleting a saved review that is part of an autoreview will automatically change the corresponding autoreview–so be careful with that.


For tutorials on using autoreviews, please visit the 'Help' section on our website:

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