MARC Report Edit session Key assignments (251)

Commonly used keys

<Ctrl>D		Insert MARC subfield delimiter (see also F2)
<Ctrl>F		Find text in current record
<Ctrl><Del>		Delete selected field

<Alt>S Save changes to current record

<Alt>U		Undo changes to current record
<Alt>D		Mark current record for deletion


<Alt>N		Goto next record
<Alt>P		Goto previous record
<Alt>B		Goto beginning of file (First record)
<Alt>L		Goto Last record (End of file)


<Alt>F		File menu
<Alt>E		Edit menu
<Alt>V		View menu
<Alt>T		Filters menu
<Alt>O		Options menu
<Alt>R		Reports menu
<Alt>H		Help menu

Function Keys

<F1>			MARC Help for selected field
<F2>			Insert subfield '$a' at cursor
<F3>			Diacritic editor
<F4>			Bookmark/Un-bookmark current record
<F5>			Insert copyright symbol at cursor
<F6>			Copy current record to file (MARC format)
<F7>			Display vocabulary for current subfield
<F8>			Copy current record to clipboard (Text format)
<F9>			Import record from clipboard
<F10>			Add 336/337/338 to current record
<F11>			Make new record from template
<F12>			Toggle Edit Session and Main form


<Ctrl><Alt>V		Text view
<Ctrl><Alt>W		Text view + error messages
<Ctrl><Alt>X		MARC View
<Ctrl><Alt>Y		MARC View + error messages
<Ctrl><Alt>Z		MARC View + messages + notes

Record filtering

<Ctrl><Alt>B		Create brief message filter
<Ctrl><Alt>C		Clear brief message filter
<Ctrl><Alt>M		Create 'MARC Review' filter
<Ctrl><Alt>R		Clear 'MARC Review' filter
<Ctrl><Alt>T		Create Titlelist filter
<Ctrl><Alt>L		Clear Titlelist filter
<Ctrl><Alt>A		Clear All filters


<Ctrl><Alt>G		Go to URL ...
<Ctrl><Alt>U		Upgrade MARC-8 to UTF-8
<Ctrl><Alt>K		Show this list 

Note: The following 36 function keys are generally reserved for assignment by the user. (To do this, select 'Macros and shortcuts' in the Options menu).

<Shift><F1> ... <Shift><F12>
<Ctrl><F1>  ... <Ctrl><F12>
<Ctrl><Shift><F1> ... <Ctrl><Shift><F12>

There are two exceptions at present, both on the Edit menu:

<Shift><Ctrl><F6>	Add new 006 to record
<Shift><Ctrl><F7>	Add new 007 to record

If the user defines a macro for either of these two function keys, the user's assignment will have priority (the action represented by the key listed here will still be available from the menu).

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