Press the “Additional Options …” button to display an additional page of options for the 336/337/338 automation.


The first section on this page allows you to set the default strings for each RDA field; click on the dropdown arrow (on the right), and select the value that you prefer.

Note that the strings that are displayed in the dropdown lists are dependent upon your selection of $a and/or $b on the previous options page. Thus, if $a is selected but $b is not, then the dropdpwn lists will include every possible $a value for a field (followed by the corresponding $2). To include the $b in the dropdown lists you will need to cancel out of this page, and select $b on the main RDA options page.

Default values are used only when:

1) automation fails to determine a definitive value while processing a record, and
2) One of the "fallback" options pertaining to default values is selected (see below)


Click on this button to display a small form that allows you to configure what happens when the automation is unable to definitively determine values for the RDA fields.

The fallback options are:

  On any fail, undo all changes
  On any fail, add empty templates for unfilled tags
  On any fail, add my default values to each tag
  On any fail, add my default values to unfilled tags
  On any fail, keep whatever changes were made

NB. Not all of these options may be immediately visible; use the scroll bar on the right to view all of the options.


By 'empty templates' we mean that the program will add a subfield $a or $b without any data to the tag. So if the program was unable to determine a value for Media Type, and this option was selected, the resulting 337 would look like this:

337   $a $2rdamedia

Then, one may simply click on the 337 and select the wanted Media type from the dropdown list, or type it in yourself. (MARC Report will of course prompt you with an error message about the empty subfield $a).

The 'default values' are something you can setup yourself for each of 336, 337 and 338. To access these options click on the 'Default values' tab at the top of the form.

The default 'default values' are:

336   $atext $2rdacontent
337   $aunmediated $2rdamedia
338   $avolume $2rdacarrier

MARC Report also includes a batch mode version of this automation, so that you can run it on a file of MARC records. See the item named “Batch Add 336/337/338” under the Utilities menu.

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