MARC Review Cataloging Checks

You can now add new cataloging checks to your current copy of MARC Report.

To add a new cataloging check, close MARC Report if it is running, then follow these steps:

  • Choose a cataloging check from the 'Available Checks' section below, and right-click on it's link
  • Select 'Save Target As' from the pop-up menu
  • Save the file to this folder on your computer: My Documents\MarcReport\Options\autoImport
    • If the folder named 'autoImport' is not present, create it
    • Do not change the name of the file being saved

Open MARC Report and your new cataloging check should be installed; test it.

Available Checks


  • Software is not being installed so do not log in as an Admin to add cataloging checks.
  • These checks require MARC Report 232 or greater.
  • The files used for these checks are small (6 KB) XML files.
  • Do not change the name of the downloaded file–the program will not recognize it.
  • These checks can be added while the program is running but they will not take effect until you restart the program, or force the options to be saved.

If a check does not seem to work, open the program options, go to the 'Cataloging Checks' page, and make sure that the option 'Enable MR Cat Checks' (on the bottom, right) is enabled:

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