Edit session macros in version 3

The interface for defining edit session macros has been redesigned in version 3. The new interface now supports 36 shortcuts (whereas in version 2 only 10 shortcuts are possible).

It now looks like this:

To define a macro (or edit an existing definition), simply click on the F-key for the macro, then make changes in the form below. Once you are finished making changes, press the 'Save' button.

The three buttons on the left are labels for the three possible type of keystroke combinations; for instance:

Shift + F1
Ctrl + F1
Ctrl + Shift + F1

To figure out if a macro has been defined for a shortcut key, simply click on the key (and if a macro has been designed, the form below will be populated).

Alternately, click on the 'List' button for a printable list of the macro definitions for all 36 keys.

Hint: If 36 shortcuts are not enough, create additional option profiles–each profile supports its own unique macro definitions.

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