MARC Report 238: A new interface

Version 238 of MARC Report features a redesigned interface for editing and viewing records.

This interface has been available under the name of “Version 3 Beta” for about two years now.

Beginning with version 238, this interface will be distributed in the standard MARC Report installation. In addition, the old interface will also be distributed for the next couple of versions; however, only the new interface will be activated by default.

The main screen, validation messages, cataloging checks, batch mode, utilities, etc., are the same regardlesss of what interface is being used. The primary difference is in the interface for viewing and editing records; however, because of the new functionality available in the new interface, some of the program options will be different as well.

If you are interested in some screenshots and descriptions of the new interface, you may find them here.


The icon on the left will launch the old interface; the icon on the right will launch the new interface–perhaps you can make out the number '3' in the icon on the right.

Keeping up to date

Version 3 changes often.

To check whether you have the most current 'build' of version 3, compare the build number from the beta page with the number that displays in the title bar when you run the program.

In the following screenshot, the build number is 547:

To find out what changes are being made, consult the Version 3 Change Log

If you find a problem in version 3, or have a suggestion that you want to make, please email us at:


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