Installation being blocked by "smartscreen" ?

On Windows 10, when you try to install MARC Report, you may get a message saying “Windows protected your PC”.

If that happens, click on the “More info” link.

Make sure the Publisher matches the following:

The name of the “App” will be mrtup2xx.exe, where 2xx represents the MARC Report version.

If the App and Publisher match, then it should be safe to proceed with “Run anyway”.
Refer to the next section if you do not have the option to “Run anyway”.


We do not recommend disabling smartscreen.

Older versions of the program will carry TMQ, Inc as the Publisher name.

Another step you could take to verify the publisher of the download is to inspect its digital certificate:

  1. right-click the downloaded file and select Properties
  2. look for the tab named Digital Signatures and select it
  3. Check that the Name of signer field matches the Publisher in the smartscreen alert

Smartscreen setup

You may need to adjust the smartscreen setup in order to get the “More info” link to work as outlined above.

On your computer, go to the Settings for Windows Defender

Go to the section called App & Browser control

The setting for “unrecognized apps” should be Warn in order to install MARC Report

Note: You can change this back to a previous setting once MARC Report is installed.

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