MARC Report User Id

All MARC Report registrations consist of a Library Name, a UserId, and a registration key.

When you email a request for your registration key, we may ask you for your UserId.

The UserId is a six character mnemonic code for your institution.

How to find your User Id

In newer versions of the software, select 'Help|Techn support info' from the main menu. Your User Id will be the second line that appears.

In older versions of the software, select 'Help|About' from the main menu. Your User Id will be the word that follows the phrase 'Registered by' in the third or fourth line of the ensuing pop-up window.


If you have more than one registered user of MARC Report at your institution, it is essential to maintain a list of the userId for each user. This is because–although we have a list of all of your registration keys–we do not know to whom each registration key has been asssigned. Thus, in the scenario where someone is resolving an installation issue and needs their registration key, it will speed things up alot if the userId can be provided up front1).

In the worst case (of this scenario), you might have to lookup the the userIds of all other program users in your library in order for us to determine your userID
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