Using the old interface in the new MARC Report

If you are having a problem with the new interface, then please send us a detailed message (including the steps to reproduce the problem, and your windows version) so that we can try to have it resolved before version 239.

In the meantime, here are the steps to use the old editor interface in MARC Report version 238 1):

  1. Delete all shortcuts for MARC Report from your desktop
  2. Open Windows Explorer
  3. Navigate to the installation folder (the default installation folder is 'C:\Program FIles\TMQ\MARC Report')
  4. Find the app named 'marcreport2.exe'
  5. Right-click on this app and select 'Send To|Desktop'

Use this new shortcut to start MARC Report.

After following these steps, MARC Report will use the old interface for Edit Sessions; for all other functions, including options2), utilities, etc., there is no difference in behavior.


The above steps are preferable to installing an older version. The reason for this is that older versions will contain problems that have been fixed by newer versions; if you run into one of these problems (for example, in an utility like MARC Global), and request support, we will tell you that the particular problem has been fixed, and thus you will need to update to the new version to resolve the problem.

Please also note that the old editor interface is no longer being updated, and as soon as we resolve any problems with the new interface, the old interface might no longer be distributed.

they assume that 238 is already installed, which you should be able to determine easily enough by starting the program and checking the banner
there are some options, that are applicable only to the new interface, however, such as the tabs containing the 'views', etc.
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