Sharing saved reviews and autoreviews

Beginning with version 233 of MARC Report, sharing of saved reviews and autoreviews is possible by exporting them to XML. This export uses an XML schema that is hosted on our server to convert all of the internal MARC Global parameters into a human (or machine) readable XML dataset.

Once a review has been exported to XML, it is a simple matter to share it: you can email it as an attachment, copy it to a shared drive on your network, upload it to a web repository, and so on. And once it has been shared, a colleague with MARC Global can then import the XML file into their saved review environment. From there, they will use the same steps to 'Load' the review and run it on their own files–without having to do any of the hard work we did in setting up and testing the saved reviews, creating an autoreview, etc.

To share a review (either a single saved review, or an autoreview), start MARC Global, open the 'Options', then select the 'Import/Export' tab from the top:

Click on the 'Export a review to a file' button. This will open the same dialog that you see in MARC Global when you press the 'Load' button. To export a saved review, select a saved review from the table and press 'Export'; to export an autoreview, open the dropdown autoreview menu, select the autoreview you want to share, and press the 'Export' button. You should be greeted with a pop-up that gives the complete filename of the exported .xml file (currently, the export location defaults to the 'myExports' folder in the MarcReport folder in My Documents).

Once the file is exported, it can then be shared (we will leave this part to you).

On the other end, if you have received/located an XML file that was exported from MARC Global, start the program and navigate to the 'Import/Export' form as we did above, and this time click on the 'Import a review from a file' button. Navigate to wherever the file is located, and select it, and the program will convert the XML data into MARC Global parameters, then automatically generate the saved reviews and autoreview needed to make this task available in your configuration.


To export a MARC Global review

  • Start MARC Global
  • Click the 'Options' button
  • Select the 'Import/Export' page
  • Click the 'Export a review' button
  • Select the review or autoreview you want to share
  • Click the 'Export' button

The program will pop-up the name of the XML file created. Copy that file to a shared folder on your network, email it to a colleague (or to us, for troubleshooting), etc.

To import a review into MARC Global

  • Start MARC Global
  • Click the 'Options' button
  • Select the 'Import/Export' page
  • Click the 'Import a review' button
  • Navigate to the XML file you want to import
  • Click the 'Open' button

The program will pop-up the name of the review that has been imported. If you already have a review with the same parameters as the one being imported, the program will ask if you want to create a duplicate review.

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