MARC Report Registration questions

Note: Beginning with MARC Report version 258, registration is no longer required.

If you have lost your registration information, the solution is to download MARC Report 258.

Registration is required, however, to run versions prior to 258.

If you have a question about registration, please read the registration text file that you received via email when you ordered MARC Report.
The contents of this file have proven over time to answer 99% of all questions about registration.

Requests for registration, trial versions, support, etc., are no longer answered (as of 12/31/2021).

How to Register the Software

The simplest way to register is to save the registration attachment that you receive from us in email to your 'My Documents\MarcReport' folder. (The actual location of the 'MarcReport' folder may be different if your computer is part of a local network).

In your email program, right-click on the attachment and select 'Save As'. Navigate to 'My Documents\MarcReport' and save the file. Do not change the name of file.

Open MARC Report–you should be greeted with the 'Registered to' popup.

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