Updating the portable version of MARC Report

The installer for the portable version of MARC Report creates a single folder containing all of the files needed to ruin the program.

This folder will be named something like MARC Report 2XX1) and will be located in the same folder that the installer is.

You can then drag the resulting folder anywhere you wish on your computer.

To update the portable version, follow these steps:

  • Download the installer for the update
  • Run the installer (to create the 'MARC Report 2XX' folder)
  • Drag the 'MARC Report 2XX' where you would like it to be

At this point, give the new version a test run, setup your registration, and so on.

Once the new version is happily installed, the next step is to update your options.

Visit this page for complete documentation on the portable version of MARC Report

where '2XX' is the program version
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