Let's say you decided to fix all of the obsolete indicators in your database. Your first step might be to run MARC Report in 'batch' mode to create a list of problems. You could set up the Batch mode options to display statistics only, so that you end up with a nice list like this:

050: Ind 2=# is Obsolete.          652
082: Ind 2=# is Obsolete.          456
100: Ind 1=# is Invalid.           25
100: Ind 1=2 is Obsolete.          9
100: Ind 2=0 is Obsolete.          781
110: Ind 2=0 is Obsolete.          4
130: Ind 2=0 is Obsolete.          3
222: Ind 1=1 is Obsolete.          1
260: Ind 1=0 is Obsolete.          816
260: Ind 2=0 is Invalid.           13
440: Ind 1=1 is Invalid.           3
490: Ind 1=# is Invalid.           1
600: Ind 1=2 is Obsolete.          2
700: Ind 1=2 is Obsolete.          7
700: Ind 2=0 is Obsolete.          359
700: Ind 2=1 is Obsolete.          394
710: Ind 2=0 is Obsolete.          41
710: Ind 2=1 is Obsolete.          3
730: Ind 2=0 is Obsolete.          1
730: Ind 2=1 is Obsolete.          12
740: Ind 1=# is Obsolete.          1
740: Ind 2=0 is Obsolete.          1
740: Ind 2=1 is Obsolete.          84

Some of the problems here may not be suitable for a global change, as they require human analysis. For example, indicator 2 in a 7xx field can now either be a blank (not an analytic) or a '2' (an analytic entry). You will have to review the list and decide which problems are 'safe' for a global fix. Also, you will have to decide if its worth the effort to create a global change just to fix a problem that occurs only once. In any case, think about these issues as we continue.

Once this research has been done and you have decided which problems to fix, the next step is to start MARC Global and create a save review for each problem identified. Note if your database is a large one, you may want to use a small test file to generate and test the reviews.

Run each review. When the run is complete, leave MARC Global running on the results screen, and open up another session of MARC Report to look at the results file:

!!! Always make sure a review does what you intended it to !!!

If the results are correct, save the review; if not, use the 'Go back' button to reconfigure the review and try it again.

Continue with this process until you have solved all the problems in your list.

Once you created and saved the reviews, click the 'Reviews' button. Create an autoreview called 'Obsolete Indicator fixes' and then drag all of the pertinent saved reviews over to the auto review form. Click 'Save' when you are done and exit the Options.

You now have a way to quickly fix all of the obsolete indicators in any file!

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