How to use MARC Global

This page contains a very simple step-by-step mini-tutorial on how to use MARC Global to add an 856 tag to every record in a file.

1. Select your file in MARC Report then select MARC Global from the Utilities menu:

2. Press 'Next' to enter a pattern (to restrict a global change to only those records matching a pattern), or 'Skip' to apply the change to all records in the file:

3. Select the Type of global change that you want to run:

4. Enter the details for the global change (note that this form will be differrent for each type of global change):

5. Setup your Output options; in MARC Global, the usual setting is to 'Output all records'; you can change the filename to anything you like–click the filing cabinet to set the folder for the output:

6. Check the setup for your task (you can use 'Go Back' and 'Next' to navigate through the forms and make changes), then press 'Run':

7. Check the results carefully; if something did not appear to work as expected (this is not uncommon in MARC!), use 'Go Back' to review your parameters:

8. Save the review (its easy to go back and make changes later):

9. Now check the results in MARC Report; this is necessary to make sure that the global change did exactly what you wanted:

10. Everything seems to look pretty good, but …

11. … if you need to make a change, just go back to MARC Global …

12. … and load your review:

Then use the navigation buttons ('Next' and 'Go Back') to make changes as required.

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