This page contains a list of options in marcreport.ini that the user may need to configure manually for program features like Shared Sets, Command-line modules, etc.

An option name, default value, and brief description follow for each applicable .ini setting. Filename parameters are left blank, but include the default value in parens.

Phrases enclosed by square brackets are section headers and must not be changed.

Please note that the option name must be given exactly as it is below (in uppercase), followed by an equal sign (no spaces), followed by the option value.

Boolean parameters use 'Y' to signify True, and 'N' to signify False.

DO NOT include the path of the filename in any of the options listed on this page.

For “Shared Sets”, refer to the sections labelled [Cataloging Checks], [Validation], and [Rda Options]

For “Batch Mode”, refer to the section labelled [Batch Reports]

For complete details on any of these options, start MARC Report, select Options from the main menu, navigate to the appropriate tab, then click the Help button.


[Cataloging Checks] 
ENABLECATCHECKS=Y         flag for disabling all cataloging checks 
CHECKCOMMONPROBS=Y        flag for disabling all checks performed by a cataloging check set 
CHECKFILINGINDS=Y         flag for disabling all checks for filing indicator problems 
RUNISBDPUNCCHECK=Y        flag for disabling all ISBD punctuation checks 
CHECKAUTHPUNCT=N          flag for authority record enabling punctuation checks 
CHECKENDPUNC=Y            flag for disabling all end-of-field punctuation checks 
CHECKENDBLANKS=N          flag for disabling checks for blank spaces at the end-of-field 
LOADMAND=Y                flag for disabling use of the Mandatory Fields table 
LOCALSUBJECTS=Y           flag for disabling the use of the Local Subjects table 
CATCHECKNAME=             filename (default.ccs) of the cataloging check set to be activated 
MANDATORYNAME=            filename (default.mnd ) of the mandatory fields set to be activated 
SUBJECTSFNAME=            filename (default.lsb) of the local subjects set to be activated 
CHECKFICTION=Y            flag to include fiction records in local subjects checks 
CHECKNONPRINT=Y           flag to include non-print records in local subjects checks 
ENCODINGRULE=0            the program will consult Leader/09 to determine the encoding used 
CANCELNAME=               filename (default.can) of the cancelled message set to be activated 
RESTRICTCANCELS=Y         flag to block attempts to cancel serious errors (eg. empty fields) 
ENABLEMARCREVIEWCHECKS=Y  flag to run Marc Review cataloging checks on records reviews
MRCATSETNAME=             filename (default.mct) of the Marc Review cataloging check set to be activated 
REPORTCHECKDIGIT=N        flag to report the ISBN-13 check digit value in brief messages 
ALLOWLOCALCANCELS=Y       flag to allow the user to use the cancelled message feature 

LOCALDATANAME=            filename (default.lvt) of the local validation set to be activated 
LOADLOC=Y                 flag to load the MARC21 bibliographic format validation table 
LOADOCL=Y                 flag to load the OCLC validation extensions 
LOADAUT=Y                 flag to load the MARC21 authority format validation table 
LOADCIF=N                 flag to load the MARC21 community information format validation table  
LOADHLD=N                 flag to load the MARC21 holdings format validation table 
LOADUSR=N                 flag to load the Local Validation table 
FILTERRULE=Y              flag to apply the 'IGNORE' flags to Cataloging Checks also 
IGNORECTRLCHARS=N         flag to ignore unusual characters at the end of the leader  
IGNORE09XTAGS=N           flag to ignore 09X tags 
IGNORE59XTAGS=N           flag to ignore 59X tags 
IGNORE69XTAGS=N           flag to ignore 69X tags 
IGNOREXX9TAGS=N           flag to ignore tags that end in '9'  
IGNOREX9XTAGS=Y           flag to ignore tags with a middle digit of '9'  
IGNORE9XXTAGS=Y           flag to ignore tags that begin with '9'  
IGNORESUBF9=Y             flag to ignore subfield $9  
IGNORELOCALHOLDINGS=Y     flag to ignore tags 049 and 852  
IGNOREOBS=N               flag to ignore messages about obsolete coding  
IGNOREOLD=N               flag to ignore messages about 'old coding' (OCLC)  

[RDA Options]
RDA33XADDSUBFA=Y          if Y, pressing <F10> computes and adds subf $a value to 336/7/8 
RDA33XADDSUBFB=N          if Y, pressing <F10> computes and adds subf $b value to 336/7/8
RDAHYBRIDIZERCLEARS33X=N  if Y, pressing <F10> first deletes existing 336/7/8 fields
RDA33XFAILACTION=2        (if the program is unable to compute values for 336/7/8):
                          if 1, do nothing; if 2, add empty tags; if 3, add 'text' default values
RDAAPPENDIXITAGS=         list of tags (100e|110e|111j|700e|710e|711j|) to validate against Appendix I terms
RDAAPPENDIXJTAGS=         list of tags (700i|710i|711i|730i|787i|) to validate against Appendix J terms
CASESENSITIVERDAI=N       if N, Appendix I term validation is not case-sensitive
CASESENSITIVERDAJ=N       if N, Appendix J term validation is not case-sensitive
WANTCOLONAFTERRDAI=Y      if Y, a missing colon after subf $i (Appendix J term) generates an error
ENABLELOCALTERMS=N        if N, terms not present in the RDA vocabulary generate errors
RELATORMATRIXSETNAME=     filename (default.rmx)
USEPCCWORKAROUNDVAL=Y     if Y, apply PCC Guideline 10 when validating relationship designators 
USEPCCWORKAROUNDEDIT=N    if N, do not apply PCC Guideline 10 when editing relationship designators 

[Batch Reports]
REPTORDER=1               if 1, organize report by record; if 2, organize by problem
REPTDISPTYPE=2            if 1, reports stats only; if 2, report brief message; if 3, report full note
CONTROLFIELD=001          the MARC tag to display if REPTDISPTYPE is not 1
REPTMARCDISP=N            if Y, display the MARC field containing the problem being reported
REPTMARCOUT=0             if 0, do not output MARC records; if 1, output MARC records with errors; 
                          if 2, split output into: records with errors, and records without errors
MARCERRFILE=              filename (marcrept-err.mrc) for records with errors if REPTMARCOUT is not 0
MARCOKFILE=               filename (marcrept-ok.mrc) for records without errors if REPTMARCOUT is 2
REPTIGNOREOK=Y            if Y, do not make entries in the report for records without errors
ADDMESSAGEIDTONOTE=N      if Y, add the internal message identifier to each problem reports
BRIEFMESSAGEFILTER=       if not null, report problems only for those tags listed in the filter

*** The following options have no effect in command-line mode, and should not be modified ***
APPLYTAGFILTERINMR=N      if Y, also apply the BRIEFMESSAGEFILTER when running record by record mode 
AUTOGENFILENAME=Y         automatically generate the name of the report file
AUTOSHOWREPORT=Y          automatically open the report file on completion
BATCHAUTOCLEANUPXML=Y     automatically clean-up files if the start file was .xml or .txt

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