How to export MARC to Dublin Core (DC) with MARC Report

Note: the following steps can be used for any XML format for which there is a stylesheet

The steps for creating a DC file in MARC Report are quite simple and straightforward:

  1. Open MARC Report
  2. Select 'MARC21 To Xml' from Utilities menu
  3. Click the MARC21 button to select the MARC file you want to export, if necessary1)
  4. Click the XML button to make a name for the DC results2)
  5. Click the 'Stylesheets' tab on the right
  6. Click in the 'Stylesheet' box at the top and select MARC21slim2OAIDC.xsl3)
  7. Click 'Start conversion' at the bottom right

You should soon have a file of DC records :-)

For more complete details on using XML in MARC Report, please view the following article: Using MARC Report with XML

by default, the utility will pre-select the current MARC file you are working with in MARC Report
by default, the utility will use a filename that consists of the MARC filename plus the '.xml' file extension
This is the only step you will need to change if you want to export MARC to a different format, such as MODS
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