'MoveFile failed' error during program update or installation

We get have seen this error ourselves on Windows 7 laptops that we use for testing MARC Report.

Rather than launch into a diatribe on Windows 7 1), the fix for this problem is quite straightforward:

  • 1. Abort the installation
  • 2. Log off of windows (do not 'Switch User')
  • 3. Log on to windows
  • 4. Re-run the installation

Alternately, waiting 5-10 minutes, and either pressing 'Retry', or restarting the installation, seems to work.

This problem seems to be easily reproduced.

  • 1. Start MARC Report
  • 2. Quit MARC Report
  • 3. Try to install an update

Windows 7 seems to have some .exe locking issues; in the scenario above, even though we quit the program, window 7 refuses to overwrite it for some unknown reason.

Maybe this behavior is a security feature and not a bug :-(

which some of us here do not like very much
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