Importing options

Beginning with version 235, there is a method to import most of your options from one machine to another. Keep in mind it might be simpler to just reset the options manually on your new machine.

Steps to copy MARC Report options from one computer to another

On your old computer, find the file called 'Documents\MarcReport\marcreport.ini'.

Copy this file to a location that you will have access to on your new machine–But do not copy this file to the 'Documents\MarcReport' folder on your new computer!.

Once the file has been copied, rename it to anything but 'marcreport.ini'. For the sake of this example, lets name it 'my marcreport.ini'.

On the new computer, start MARC Report. Under the Options menu, selecct 'Enable option profiles'. Again, under the Options menu, select 'Import a profile'. Navigate to wherever you put 'my marcreport.ini' and open it. The program will create a new profile based on the options file from your old computer.

You should now go to the Files & Directories page of the new profile and change any settings that are different on your new computer.1).

Finally, if after testing, everything seems to be Ok, you may want to set the imported profile to be your default: Open the options menu, select 'File|Open', and select the imported profile. Return to the 'File' menu and select 'Set As Default'.

If you have created other profiles, these steps can be repeated for each profile you want to copy over.

Basically, anything in the options that refers to a fully-qualified path cannot be copied from one machine to another
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