Customizing cataloging checks and MARC Report updates

If you have customized your cataloging checks at all, you may have noticed that when you update MARC Report to a new version, there is an apparent change to your customization(s).

This page will try to explain why this happens.

By default, all cataloging checks are enabled.

When we customize a cataloging check 'set', our decisions are saved in a simple text file in the options folder1). Up to the present time (version 2.35), only negative decisions–rows where the 'Enabled' field is set to 'N' or 'No'–are saved in a .ccs file.

Whenever the program runs, the default cataloging checks are loaded into memory; and then, if a customized set is selected in the options profile, the decisions from that set are overlayed onto the default set. This will have the effect of disabling the cataloging checks that we decided (in our .ccs file) we did not want to be run.

Now, when the program is updated, new cataloging checks are alwyas added; and these checks will not have been available when we customized the cataloging checks in a previous version; and thus, by default, these new cataloging checks are enabled, even in a customized cataloging check set.

This behavior is by design.

Although customized .ccs files are not modified during an update, they will include (new) cataloging checks that you did not explicitly approve of when you created them.

Normally, this behavior is a good thing, as cataloging checks are one of the primary functions of the program, and new ones are always being created.

There is one case where this might not be desirable, however. In a 'restrictive' cataloging check set (one which excludes all messsages but a few), each new version of MARC Report will add more 'enabled' checks to that set. The only way to cope with this particular problem is to visit the options on each update, and–if you have cataloging checks like this–update them.

the file extension used for these sets is '.ccs'
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