MARC Report 260: Program changes

A change was made to the F11 function key assignment in edit sessions. In the past, this key was used for

Add new record--from template

Add new record–from template (and the corresponding option Save current record–as template) have been moved from the Edit menu to the File menu.
If you find you need to assign a function key to this option (or any other option), you can easily do this yourself by visiting the Macros and shortcuts page of the program options.

F11 will now be used to toggle the edit session view.

In MARC Report 260, there are three possible options for F11:

  1. Toggle between MARC view and Text view
  2. Toggle between MARC view and XML view
  3. Do not toggle the view

These options are found on the Views page of the program options.

Note: Selecting “None” (Do not toggle the view) currently has the side-effect of reverting F11 to its previous meaning (Add new record–from template)

Finally, if you haven't noticed this yet, the changes announced in MARC Report 258 may be of interest.

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