MARC Report 2.54: Problems resolved

  • It was possible (though not by design), while using the RDA Options page to edit the list of relationships, to unwittingly corrupt the default values. The symptom would be an error message ('cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset'), or the corrupted display of a relationship table. The problem is fixed in 254–it will no longer be possible to inadvertently corrupt the default values. 1).
  • The validation tables (Bibliographic and Authorities) were lacking an entry for 382 subfield $t. Fixed in 254.
  • There was an issue with the Edit option named Disable 336/337/338 auto dropdown: when this option was selected, clicking on another field would select the field contents instead of the usual behavior–positioning the cursor at the point of the click. Fixed in 254.
  • Fixes a couple of minor problems with the F7 lists of terms/codes. First, if the option to display column titles was enabled, then the user would be unable to select the first item in a list. Second, if a term in a list contained diacritics, selecting that term might result in the adjacent term in the list being inserted at the cursor. Both problems fixed in 254.
If you are experiencing this issue, there is a simple fix. When the program is not running, find the folder namesd “lists” in your “\Documents\MarcReport” directory, delete all the files in it, then restart the program
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