MARC Report 253: Program changes

  • Subfield $1 was added to the list of subfields to ignore in the end of field punctuation checks.
  • All end-of-field punctuation checks were reviewed. Three fields that LC clearly says end with a period–036, 051, and 343–will now be checked for such. Similarly, two fields that should not end in periods–647 and 648–were not being checked and now will be. Ironically perhaps, this review was prompted by a PCC proposal that supports the discontinuation of end punctuation in all non-heading fields.
  • Subfield $2, Source of heading or term, has been added to a number of heading fields 1); this subfield contains a code that identifies the source from which the heading was assigned. Support for this new role has been added to the context-sensitive code lists that appear when pressing F7 in MARC Report while editing a record. (To demonstrate this, go to the end of a 1XX field, type ±2, then press F7).
  • Speaking of the F7 functionality, the lists that appear when pressing this function key have been enhanced. The codes and terms are now more clearly distinguished from their corresponding source list names and definitions; and a number of options are now available to customize the list appearance, including the font–these options will appear on the Views page of the Options menu.
  • A new option named “Suppress 'Record deleted' pop-up” was added to the Edit Sessions page of the options.
  • A number of changes were made to the Title List View. The main purpose of these changes were to resolve some ambiguities regarding filtering and how it is applied. An enumeration of these changes, and the new Help file for them, may be found by following this link.
  • Two other minor changes were made to the Title List View in 253:
  1. When the “Delete” button is pressed in this view, the confirmatory prompt will now include the “RSN”
  2. Rows representing records that have been marked for deletion will now be grayed-out in the view
100, 110, 111, 130, 240, 700, 710, 711, 730, 758, 800, 810, 811, 830–subfield $2 has defined for these fields in the latest MARC21 Update, No. 28
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