MARC Report 253: Problems resolved

  • The utility to add tags 336, 337, and 338 to a file of records in batch mode was not working as expected. In particular the options used in a batch mode run, although similar, were not distinct enough from those that we use when we press F10 in an Edit session. The utility has been refactored, and given its own options form–the batch mode options are now stored separately from the Edit session options. The help page has also been updated.
  • A cataloging check for the number formatting in 024 (Other standard Identifier) was displaying when it should not have; the problem was limited to cases with Indicator 1 coded '2'. Fixed in 253.
  • RDA records (040 $e=rda), lacking both tag 260 and tag 264, might trigger a message about an incorrectly coded second indicator (and assign that message to an unrelated tag, like 300). Fixed in 253.
  • Another problem was discovered in the grouping of error messages when running Batch mode with the By Problem report option selected. Fixed in 253. (This problem did not manifest itself if the “Statistics only” option was selected).
  • In the Title List view, sorting on the “RSN” column1) was broken. Fixed in 253.
  • Two separate cataloging checks on Indicator 1 in name heading fields had brief messages that differed only in capitalization. 2). The brief message on the more definitive cataloging check was changed to from: “Check indicator 1” to: “Indicator 1 should be '1'
  • The incident described above nearly led to a flurry of normalization concerning the capitalization of the word “indicator” in our cataloging check messages. Since an indicator is a MARC content designator, it would seem to merit the distinction of being rendered as Indicator. This recognition resulted in three or four changes to existing brief messages. 3)
RSN: record sequence number
In batch mode, this would create a report that appeared as if it was broken, eg.
  700: Check indicator 1       	23
  700: Check Indicator 1       	50
We stopped short of changing every occurrence of Ind to Indicator in the brief messages (of which there are well over 100).
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