MARC Review logic update

In version 252 of MARC Report, we made a change to the logic of MARC Review. This change does not impact MARC Global.

This change only applies to patterns in MARC Review that specify only a Tag and a Tag Occurrence, and use the “Not” Rule.

For example:

In the past (and possibly this was by design, since we have traced the issue back many years), this pattern would identify every 020 in a file except if it is the second occurrence of 020 in a record. Using the updated logic, this pattern will identify every record in a file that does not contain a second 020.

The new logic is enabled by default.

To revert to the old logic:

1. If the last number of your MARC Report 252 version is greater than 237, the logic described above can be reverted using the MARC Review options form.

Start MARC Review, and click on the 'Options' button. Uncheck last checkbox (on the 'General' options tab):

2. If the last number of your MARC Report 252 version is 237, use these steps:

When MARC Report is not running, go to your MarcReport\Options folder, and open the file named myMarcGlobalOptions.cfg in a text editor. Go to the last line ('UserCustomizableOptionString=') and add the string 'occLogicMod:false' after the equals sign, so that you have:


Save the file.

Impact of change on saved reviews

Any saved reviews that uses the pattern specified above will be evaluated using the current option setting, regardless of when the review was created.

Note that patterns that contain more attributes are not going to be affected. For example, a pattern like

Tag  020
Occ  2
Data pbk
Rule Not

contains a string to match, in addition to the Tag and Occurrence, and thus won't be affected by this change in logic.

In addition, any pattern used in a MARC Global review will not be affected.

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