MARC Report 252: Problems resolved

  • In the last update (251), we removed the following three relator terms from the RDA Appendix I list: colorist, honoree, honoree (item). That was a mistake on our part, as all three terms are defined as alternate labels in the RDA Registry. Fixed in 252. Note: if you want to fix this for version 251, see the instructions to do so here.
  • There was a problem using a special syntax in MARC Review (dubbed 'Lexical Comparison' in the Help) that identified content designators with a user-specified length. The program applied the specified pattern to the whole tag even where a specific subfield was specified. Fixed in 252. Note: This bug was introduced in version 244.
  • The Help pages for Title List View, and MARC Review Cataloging Checks, were very much out of date and have been updated in this version. (In fact, they were so far out of date, that we urge anyone who tried to use either of these features and gave up because the instructions did not make much sense, to please try again).
  • A cataloging check requiring ending punctuation to Tag 340 (Physical Medium) ending in subfield $2 was incorrectly being displayed. No punctuation should be used at the end of coded subfields such as $2 (Source of code). Fixed in 252.
  • There was problem with 'By Problem' reporting in batch mode. The symptom was that occasionally an error message report would appear in the wrong section. For example, an error message about a 500 field might appear in the problem section for the 082 field. This problem was introduced in version 247 or 248, and affected only batch mode 'By Problem' reports. The issue was somewhat random in that it was dependent on the data being reviewed. Fixed in 252.
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