MARC Report 251: Program changes

  • A new option named “Go to Edit Session” has been added to the Options menu of the main form. This option is designed to prevent the Edit Session window from being 'lost' when certain combinations of minimize/maximize are applied to either the main form (aka the picture window), or the edit session window1). A companion option named “Go to Main window” has been added to the View menu of the Edit Session form. Both options have been assigned the hot key <F12>, so pressing <F12> should now toggle between the main form and the Edit Session (if an Edit Session is running).

            Note that using <F12> will resize/re-position the windows (including relocating both windows to the primary monitor, if applicable); thus, it is probably best not to use <F12> unless the situation indeed appears to be 'lost'.

  • A language dropdown menu has been added to the RDA relationship editors. This makes it possible to toggle the language of the terms and definitions from English to another supported language. Note that this toggle applies only to the strings displayed–any decisions made in the editor in a given set apply to all supported languages2).
  • A new data collection option named “Relationship designators” has been added to MARC Analysis. This option will tabulate, by tag and subfield, all relationship codes and terms (of which there are currently over 80) found in the MARC source file. For complete info on this, read the Help page in the utility.
  • A new option named “Repeat” was added to the Concatenate Files utility, the purpose of which is to make it possible to quickly make any number of copies of a (single) MARC record. For complete info on this, read the Help page in the utility.
  • In MARC Review, an obsolete option on the Text Export page–“Output MR4-style lines”–has been renamed to “Output key-value format”, and appropriate code has been added. The purpose of this option is to make it possible to generate an index on repeatable MARC data in a format amenable to subsequent processing. For more info, and examples, read the Help page on the Text Export page of MARC Review,
This issue seems to be exacerbated by Windows 10
because the checkbox decisions are linked to the relationship Uri, as opposed to the language string
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