MARC Report 250: Problems resolved

  • A “validation exception” pop-up would occur if a subfield used to carry an RDA relationship contained only a piece of punctuation. This exception would prevent any other messages from being displayed. The following example would trigger this exception:
100 10 $aDoe, Jane,$d1980-2010,$e.
  • Directly related to the above, if a file containing records with this error was processed in batch mode, the job would be interrupted with the same exception message and not continue until the user dismissed the pop-up. We've changed the program so that this pop-up does not occur during batch mode.
  • In MARC Analysis, a “Range check error” started to pop-up beginning in 2018, if the option to compile 008 Date stats was enabled (and it is by default). We have no excuses–this is a calendar date bug! Fixed in 250.1)
  • As you know, when the cursor is placed on 336, 337 or 338 in an Edit session, a dropdown list containing all possible valid values is automatically generated. There is no need to use F7 here (the shortcut used to popup a list of all valid codes/terms in the subfield under the cursor); but up to now, F7 would still function as designed for these tags. This was a bit confusing, not the least because the F7 format was somewhat different that used by the automatic dropdown lists. So, beginning in version 2.50, F7 will no longer be recognized in 336/7/8.
  • An update for Windows 10, that first appeared in late summer (2017), changed the display of a font that we metadaticians often rely on: Courier New. The symptom is that the number '2' seems to only display the top and bottom portions, and seems to have a blank spot in the middle. Windows 7 doesn't have this problem 2). We can't fix Windows, but we changed the 'Font' menu in MARC Report to allow a greater variety of fonts to be used. This change will now allow you to use the old 'Courier' font 3)
  • The codelist used to validate 336 $a contained the string tactile still image. It should have been tactile image. Fixed in 250.
  • We added an option to MARC Sort/Dedupe that supports exporting the sort key to a MARC tag in the results. This might make some custom post-processing tasks easier, or even possible.
  • In batch mode, the fairly new option that supported the entry of multiple message Ids in the Tag/Message filter did not work as designed. Fixed in 250.
  • In MARC Analysis, there was a conflict between the option to Output custom lists only, and the recently-added option to Only display details for a list of tags. In this case, if both options are activated, the former will prevail.
  • In MARC Global, the screen that showed the results of a job was dropping the specific description of the job that was run. For example, instead of

18 tag(s) had the Global change applied:

  Add Tag 999$a=Testing [Case=Y]

The results message would display only:

18 tag(s) had the Global change applied:

The problem was introduced in 248. Fixed in 250.

For the curious: MARC Analysis was first released in 1996 and it allocated memory as appropriate for those days: all arrays have reasonable bounds–no point using any extra memory, eh? Anyways, as Jan. 1, 2018 arrived, the high bound of the date structures fell short of what was needed because the short-sighted programmer that set the high bound originally did not think the software would ever be used in 2018.
nor probably does Windows 10 under IT control, since the update in question might be deferred in that scenario
which isn't a “TrueType” font, so was turned off in 249
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