MARC Report 249: Program changes

* On the Record Display page of the options, a new option to prefer MARC-8 labels for diacritics was added to the 'Diacritic tool' section. This option is selected by default. Uncheck this box to use unicode labels instead.

* On the Record Display page of the options, the (new in 248) option to control the sort order of the diacritics was revamped. Now, this option will only apply to the unicode diacritic tool, and the default setting will be to not sort the diacritics.

* Three of the new cataloging checks for RDA data in Authorities records have been disabled (see the Cataloging Check Changes page for version 249). The new MARC Update adds the phrase “or expression” to the description of Authorities tag 370 (Associated Place). Upon closer reading of the specifications, it appears that the same is true for tags 382 (Medium of performance) and 384 (Key). We originally interpreted these content designators to apply only to Works.

* When validating relator values found in subfield $4, strings that begin with 'http' will be ignored. (This is per one of the recommendations of MAC Proposal 2017-01)

* The default behavior of the RDA Option 'Show reminder if missing relationships' has been changed. It now applies only to tags that are selected in the tag list above it (previously, it applied to all tags in the corresponding list, whether they were selected or not). Please let us know if you prefer the previous behavior.

* The behavior of the 'Recover Edit Session' tool has been tweaked so that a password will no longer be required to repeatedly run the tool. 1).

However, if you are repeatedly running the tool, then the program is not running the way it was designed, and there is likely some sort of system conflict present which is causing this unwanted behavior
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