"Review scratchpad"

MARC Report version 248 adds an option to MARC Review and MARC Global to automatically remember the last 20 reviews created, whether they or saved or not.

This “scratchpad” option is enabled by default.

To turn it off (or on again), click on the Options button at the bottom of the MARC Review or MARC Global starting form, and look for the checkbox labeled:

Remember last 20 reviews (whether saved or not)

How it works

When this option is enabled, the program will remember your last 20 reviews–whether you save them or not.

Basically, a table with 20 rows is setup, and each review that you run gets added to it. When all 20 rows have been filled, the program goes back to the first row and overwrites it. And so on.

This review scratchpad is completely independent from your saved reviews (both in the program and in the Windows file system).

Scratch reviews are accessible (only) from the Load panel when MARC Review/MARC Global starts. If the option described above is enabled, Scratch reviews are displayed in a separate panel in the Saved Review loader:

From here you can select one and run it, as with a saved review.

If you want to clear out all of your scratch reviews, press the 'Clear' button at the bottom of the form.


Scratch reviews cannot be edited or deleted.

Every review that is run to completion is added to the scratchpad, even if you save the review.

Deleting a review from the saved reviews form will not delete it from the scratchpad (if it is there).

Unlike a saved review, no output options are saved to the scratchpad. When a scratch review is loaded, the program skips to the Output options panel of the wizard–just like in a saved review–but instead loads your default output options (at which point you can change them as needed).

The scratch review display differs from saved reviews (see previous screenshot)–the following review fields are not maintained for scratch reviews:

  • Review Id
  • Review Group
  • Review Name

If applicable, MARC Global reviews are also saved to scratch. As the same temporary storage is used for both MARC Review and MARC Global, the limit of 20 rows is cumulative 1).

as opposed to 20 rows for MARC Review and another 20 for MARC Global
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