MARC Report 2.47: Problems resolved

  • There was a bug in the code for adding a 33X field that might trigger and add the selected data to the wrong field. For example, these steps (to add a 336) would trigger the problem: press <Insert>, type '336', press TAB three times, and when the RDA Content Type list appears–instead of selecting an item with the mouse, or the arrow keys, type a few characters (until the item you want is highlighted), then instead of pressing <Enter>, press Tab to exit the list and jump out of the field. These steps would add the selected Content type to the field that was tabbed into, as well as the field that was being exited. Fixed in 2.48.

This might be a good time for a reminder: to add the RDA 336/7/8 fields to a record simply press F10.

  • When editing a record, if the fixed field panel at the top of the form was closed, then selecting the either of the menu options to Add 006 or Add 007 had no effect. Fixed in 2.48. Now, if the panel is closed, and one of these options is selected, the program will open the fixed field panel. This logic will also be applied when clicking on a brief message for a fixed field.
  • We've noticed for some time that if you start an Edit Session and–while the Next record navigation button (at the bottom of the form) is focused–hold down the <Enter> key, the program would start iterating through the records as fast as it could (which is the objective). But during this scan, the program would occasionally hiccup and stop and ask if we wanted to save a record; and further, when closing the session, it would prompt one to save the results, even though we didn't seem to change any records. This issue was caused (we think) by the program just not being able to keep up with the sequence of: fetching a record, validating it, displaying it, and presenting the various error messages and notes. It should be resolved in MARC Report 2.48
  • In an Edit Session, it you click the Set Filter button, and a filter has already been set, the program asks if you want to “Clear the filter?”. If you say “Yes”, it clears the filter–insofar as it is applied to the records in the session. But the old review would persist in the MR Filter tool. Fixed in 2.48
  • The Find option that is available on the program's Help form did not work properly when using 'Find Next'. Fixed in 2.48
  • In Batch mode, when using the By Problem report organization type, different problems that shared the same brief message might be grouped together in the report. For example, the 'd' in the brief message 007/01: 'd' needs matching 338 might refer to 'filmslip', 'sound disc', 'videodisc', 'microfilm reel', or 'computer disc'. In each case, a (slightly) different long note would be generated when using By Record mode (or when viewed in an Edit Session). This ambiguity has been resolved in 2.48: errors with the same brief message but different underlying problems will be grouped separately. But note: this remedy has not been applied to the 'Statistics only' option.
  • In Batch mode, if the option to add a User tag to the report output was used to specify a control field, the report would insert a '$' at the beginning of the control field. Fixed in 2.48
  • In MARC Review, we stumbled upon a situation where a tag that was present in a record might not be displayed in a certain scenario. The scenario is this: a review based on a control tag, like the 001, with no other tags in the pattern, and the output format is 'one-line', with no additional tags added to the output, and 'Tags' is not selected on the 'Text Export' page. In this scenario, if the file contains an 001 that is completely empty, except for the MARC field terminator (hex x1E), the review will match the record with the empty 001, but not provide any output for it–leading to an inconsistency in the results. There are several ways to work around this anomaly, but to surface it, we added a new option to the Text Export page of the Output Options labeled: Display # if field consists solely of a field terminator, and it should be checked by default.
  • In MARC Global, when setting up 'Copy Tag' or 'Copy Subfield' review, and the 'Move' option was selected, the interface might fail to issue a validation warning; whereas after pressing 'Go Back', or loading the review, and proceeding through the options again, the warning would appear. Fixed in 2.48
  • In MARC Global, when setting up a 'Change Data' review, the bottom regular expression checkbox was always disabled. Although this option has an extremely narrow focus, there are a few cases where it is needed. Fixed in 2.48
  • In the 'Saved reviews' form used by MARC Review and MARC Global, clicking on a cell would sometimes select the whole cell in such a way that selecting text in that cell was invisible. This was caused by a grid setting that assumed the user would be editing multiple cells simultaneously. This grid setting has now been exposed (see the 'Edit groups' note on the program changes page), and the grid now defaults to the standard Windows highlighting behavior.
  • In MARC Global, the 'Reviews' page used the same button (at the bottom of the Saved Reviews panel) to both delete a saved review, and to remove a review from an autoreview. This was confusing. The Autoreview panel has now been allocated its own button for removing a review.
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