MARC Report 2.47: Program changes

  • This version adds an option that should improve the visibility/legibility of the fixed field labels on the MARC page of an edit session. The new option, 'Increase size of FF Labels' is selected by default. For more information, see the same-named section of the Help for the Record Display page of the options. (The Help itself for the Record Display options has been completely updated)
  • This version improves the granularity of the proxy server settings on the Program Automation page of the options. In the past, only an IP Address and a Port number were supported. In 247, we've added support for username, password, and the authentication protocol in use.
  • A number of new parameters have been added to the Batch Reports option section.
    • An option that permits the user to set the truncation length of long fields (if the 'Display MARC field' option is selected)
    • An option to output error message Ids to a user-specified tag in the MARC record itself
    • An option to add the data from any two user-specified tag/subfields to each record/error report
  • RDA relationships have been updated to reflect a few changes made to the relationship designator appendices over the last few months.
  • We have also added support to the program for deprecated RDA relationship designators1). In the event of a deprecated relationship, a more specific long message will appear, such as:
        The relationship/term used in tag 710 subfield $i is deprecated in RDA.  
        This term has been superseded by the following new term: 'is subject of (item)', 
        with the definition: 'Relates an item to a work that is about the item.'
  • This version adds a number of new cataloging checks that specifically target conflicts in the 008 fixed field between the Type of Date code and Date elements (Date1 and Date2). For a detailed list of these checks, goto the 'Cataloging Check changes' page for this version and review the 'Added checks' section at the top.
  • This version adds a number of cataloging checks that target conflicts between Expression headings and Work elements in authority records coded as RDA (in 040 $e). In this release, however, none of these check will be enabled by default. The reason for this is that for some/many/most(?) MARC users, the distinction between Work and Expression is somewhat amorphous, and we did not want to impose such a radical perspective on anyone without a bit of warning. This note constitutes that warning. In version 247, you may enable these new checks on your own using the Cataloging Check editor.
  • The procedure for copying the current record to another file (F6) has been streamlined a bit, mainly to remove an annoying pop-up at the end of the process.
For more information on deprecation in RDA, visit this link:
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