MARC Report 2.46--Problems resolved

  • In addition to the support for a new Excel-capable report type in Batch Mode, we've also fixed a number of glitches in the traditional reports:
    • Long note fields were being truncated–Fixed.
    • The 'Show Tag occurrences' option did not work in By Record mode–Fixed.
    • An existing MARC error file might be overwritten in a certain situation–Fixed.
  • The first time the program is run, one edge of the main window might appear underneath the taskbar–if the taskbar was positioned anywhere other than the bottom of the display. Fixed in 247.
  • The long note for a validation error sometimes displayed a generic message, instead of a list of valid values for the content designator being flagged–Fixed.
  • A cataloging check message about a missing 'Source of Title' note should have looked in both 500 and 588 for the note, instead of just in one field–Fixed.
  • Brief messages that were very near the length limit (40 characters) could not be cancelled, because the database definition for cancelled messages truncated this field at about 37 characters–Fixed.
  • The highlighting of the 'Leader' button on the fixed form was awkward and confusing–Fixed.
  • The Verify utility report included a list of 'Unused local tags' that simply listed all tags from 900-999. This has been removed. Note: if you need a list of tags used in a file (and anything else of that nature), please use the Marc Analysis utility.
  • The new catcheck for 020 lacking $q displayed only one error message–and always selected the first occurrence–regardless of how many 020's had the problem. Fixed in 247.
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