MARC Report 246: Problems resolved

  • Due to an error in the code that generates the 336/337/338 data when <F10> is pressed, some sound recording records would fail to populate the 338 (RDA Carrier type). Fixed.
  • There was an error in the validation table for Tag 384 (Bibliographic) which reported any non-blank indicator 1 value as invalid. Fixed.
  • In a few cases, a check for punctuation typos might trigger a warning because of the presence of // in a field (e.g. the string 'http://' might trigger a check for repeated punctuation marks). Fixed.
  • There was a report that setting the 'Check for list updates' option (on the Program Automation page) was causing weird program behavior. (This refers to updates of the lists of RDA relationship designators). Since these updates do not happen that often (probably twice a year), we have changed the default value for this option to 'Never'. Note that one could always use the option to manually check for list updates:

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