MARC Report 245: Program enhancements

The main reason for 245 is to add support for customizing the RDA Appendix J relationships (WEMI to WEMI) to the program.

This completes an enhancement added in the last version, when we added support for customizing the RDA Appendix I relationships (Agent to WEMI).

The documentation for this new Appendix J support is very similar to that for Appendix I, as, in our implementation of the customization capabilities, the two mirror one another almost exactly with the sole exception that the number of MARC tags available for Appendix J relationships is much greater than for Appendix I.

Because of this, we have combined the documentation for these two areas into one page, rather than repeat what is more or less the same thing twice.

For the updated documentation on RDA relationship designators, follow this link.

The remainder of this page will describe changes made to format of the RDA options in version 245.

Change to options file

First, in order to add the Appendix J support, and additionally support online update for both lists of terms, we had to make some changes to file format used for Appendix I terms that was introduced in 244.

The first time that you run MARC Report 245, the program will automatically convert any Appendix I customizations to the new format. If you made customizations, and you are nervous about this, make a copy of your options folder (Documents\MarcReport\Options) before installing 245.

The other change to note in this regard is this: in the last version, we made it possible to (sort of) customize Appendix J terms by adding them to a file named 'CodelistLocal.txt'. With the enhancement for Appendix J in version 245, this support is no longer applicable and has been removed. If you have used codelistLocal in this manner, then you should remove the RDA Appendix J terms from that file, and enter them into the program options using the new Appendix J Local terms editor.

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