MARC Report: 2.44 Problems resolved

  • We removed the option to search user-entered tags and strings in the 'Find Next' box of an edit session. This never worked properly, interfered with the original design (which was to find the next record containing the clicked-on brief message), and duplicated other functionality. To search for strings in a edit session, use the 'MR filter'.
  • The internal program shortcut defined for the 'RDA Options' page went to the 'Change profile' menu item instead. Fixed.
  • If a list of conditions was met, pressing F10 to generate (or re-generate) the RDA 'type' fields might set 338 $b to 'n' where it should have been 'nc'. Fixed.
  • In MARC Global, navigating to the Output Options form would open the Text Output page (which should not display at all in MG) instead of the MARC Output page. Fixed.
  • In MARC Global, the new (in 244) 'Split Long Tags' option had a few problems:
    1. the starting subfield code of a split tag would be incorrectly determined in some cases (eg., an enhanced 505). Fixed
    2. the code did not check for record overflows. Fixed.
    3. the code did not check for subfield $6; now, if $6 is present, 'Split Long' will ignore that tag
  • Fixed a bug in the option to associate a file extension with MARC Report.
  • The option named 'Also apply filter in Edit mode' on the Batch Reports page of the options was obsolete and has been removed.
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