MARC Report 243: Problems resolved

* This version fixes the empty report generating when running Batch mode with the 'By Problem' organization option, and display options not set to 'Statistics only'.

* This version fixes a strange problem with registration that has plagued some of our offshore users for the past year.

* This version cleans up a few problems that are associated with using two or more monitors, such as pop-up windows appearing on another screen, etc. (But note that both the main program window and the edit session window are sticky, and if they are last displayed on two different screens, then by design they will try to re-appear in the same location(s) ).

* This version fixes/changes1) the behavior in which dragging and dropping a file containing a single MARC record onto an Edit session deletes the original file after it is added to the session. The source file will now no longer be deleted (Let us know if you prefer the previous behavior and we will 'option-ize' it).

* This version fixes a problem with the cataloging check that kept saying that a 'Source note was missing' in 500 or 588, even when it was not.

* This version fixes an exception in a cataloging check for the 008 Form of item code; this problem would only manifest itself if the 008 was much shorter than it should be.

* This version changes the order in which cataloging checks that check the order of subfields in name headings are run; this should result in less errors of this type being missed. For example, in the past, if a subfield $q followed a subfield $d in a personal name, a punctuation error might have been reported instead of an error noting that the $q should preceded the $d.

* A punctuation check for a comma before subfield $e (relator) would miss cases it should have found when three or more subfield $e's were present in a heading. Fixed in 244.

* In MARC Review and MARC Global, pressing the Help button would case a screen flicker (the main form was being unnecessarily redrawn). This should no longer occur.

* This version fixes a few annoying behaviors in the MARC Analysis options. Also, in the same utility, it fixes the lack of a note when a 'Custom Tag' is not found in the file.

* This version fixes a bug in MARC Sort that was triggered when the 'Type of [sort] key' was set to 'LCCN'.

not sure whether to view this as a bug or a feature
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