RDA Relationships for Appendix J

NB. These instruction are valid only in version 244. Version 245 includes full support for Appendix J customization

Because the current version of the program does not have a matrix editor for the RDA Appendix J terms, the only way to customize these terms is to add them to your codelistLocal.txt file.

Follow the same steps as above.

For example

rda-relationships	Companion volume to	Relates a resource to ...

where 'rda-relationships' is the name of the list, 'companion volume to' is the code or term, and 'Relates a resource to …' is (the beginning of) the definition of the term.

Once this is done, and the program restarted, the contents of the codelistLocal file will be merged with that of the main codelist, and available when the program runs.

So, following the above example, pressing <F7> after subfield $i in a 710 would now display the following dropdown list of relationship terms:

And similarly, if this term were to appear in an existing record, and validation of the associated Tag/Subfield is enabled, no error message will appear.

And finally, the entry above will also display in your MARC Help results (F1)

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