MARC Codelist support in MARC Report

Version 242 adds improved support for the various MARC Codelists in the default view of the Edit Session. The functionality is such that a dropdown codelist will be activated when the user presses F7 in the appropriate context.

For example, if you are adding an author, type '±4' and then press F7

±aHarrison, George,±d1943-2001,±4 [press F7 here]

a list of relator codes will pop-up, from which you may choose one; on the other hand, if you press F7 when the cursor is positioned in the '±a', or '±d' (i.e., there is no codelist appropriate to that context), then no list will pop-up.

The functionality of these lists is similar to what is used to support coding the fixed fields when the MARC Help key (F1) is pressed. The reason for the F7 key is that, in most cases, codes added to the variable fields are not the only data that appear in those fields, so some sort of 'signal' is needed to let the program know when a codelist is being requested.

The screenshot below is an example showing the MARC Language Codelist; the exact sequence of keys pressed, beginning in the Tag column, to get to this point was as follows:

<Insert>  --to add a new field to the record
041       --the Tag
<Tab>     --goto first indicator
<Tab>     --goto second indicator
<Tab>     --goto data column
<F2>      --enter the '±a'
<F7>      --display the codelist

In a long codelist like this one you may press the first character of the code your are looking for to jump down to it. More than one character can be pressed if done quickly enough. For example, pressing 'f' and then 'i' immediately will jump the list down to 'fij' (Fijian), but if you pause a second after the 'f', the list will instead jump down to 'iba' (Iban).

The codelist may be navigated either via the mouse, or via the arrow keys. In the latter case, simply press <Enter> to select an item from the dropdown list. The list will close up, and the selected item will be added to the subfield.

If you press F7 in an existing field, the behavior is as follows. If no codelist is defined for the Tag + subfield on the left, no dropdown occurs. But if a codelist is defined, and an item is then selected from the dropdown list, the program will enter the code into a new subfield that matches the subfield code to the left.

For example, if in this 041

041   $afre$dspa

I put my cursor after 'fre', press F7, then select 'ger' from the dropdown, the result will be:

041   $afre$ager$dspa

whereas if I put my cursor after 'spa' and make the same selection, the result will be:

041   $afre$dspa$dger

If you want an altogether different subfield code (than $a or $d), then enter that subfield code first, before pressing F7.

Supported Codelists

Below is a list of MARC Tags and the codelists that are supported in them using F7 in an Edit Session. Some of these lists are very large, while others may contain only a single item.

MARC Codelist for Languages

040 $b
041 $a $b $d $e $f $g $h $j $k $m $n
242 $y
377 $a
775 $e

MARC Geographic Area Codelist

043 $a $b

MARC Codelist for Countries

044 $a $b
355 $f
365 $k
366 $k
533 $g
775 $f
851 $g
852 $n

MARC Codelist for Relators

100 $4
110 $4
600 $4
610 $4
700 $4
710 $4
800 $4
810 $4

Other Codelists

015 $2 National Bibliography Number Source codes
017 $2 Copyright and Legal Deposit Number Source codes
022 $2 Code for the ISSN Centre
024 $2 Standard Identifier Source codes
026 $2 Fingerprint Scheme Source codes
031 $2 Musical Incipit Scheme Source codes
034 $2 Cartographic Data Source codes
040 $e Description Convention Source codes
041 $2 Language Code and Term Source codes
042 $a MARC Authentication Action codes
043 $2 Geographic Area Code and Term source codes
044 $2 Country Code and Term Source codes
046 $2 Date and Time Scheme Source codes
047 $a Form of musical composition code
047 $2 Musical Composition Form Code Source codes
048 $a Number of musical instruments or Voices code
048 $2 Musical Instrumentation and Voice Code Source codes
052 $2 Classification Scheme Source codes 
072 $2 Subject Category Source codes
210 $2 Abbreviated Title source codes
336 $a Term List for RDA Content Types 
336 $b Code List for RDA Content Types
336 $2 Genre/Form Code and Term Source codes
337 $a Term List for RDA Media Types
337 $b Code List for RDA Media Types
337 $2 Genre/Form Code and Term Source codes
338 $a Term List for RDA Carrier Types
338 $b Code List for RDA Carrier Types
338 $2 Genre/Form Code and Term Source codes
365 $2 Price Type Source codes
366 $2 Availability Status source codes 
375 $2 Gender Code and Term codes
383 $2 Numeric Designation of Musical Work
506 $2 Access Restriction Source codes
520 $2 Content Advice Classification Source codes
524 $2 Citation Scheme Source codes
583 $2 Resource Action Term source codes
6XX $2 Subject Heading and Term Source codes 
655 $2 Genre/Form Code and Term Source codes
656 $2 Occupation Term Source codes
657 $2 Function Term Source codes  
658 $2 Curriculum Objective Source codes
751 $2 Subject Heading and Term Source codes 
752 $2 Subject Heading and Term Source codes 
754 $2 Taxonomic Classification source codes (no codes yet defined)
856 $2 Electronic Access Methods Code list
886 $2 Format source codes

Although the 'RDA Tags' 336, 337, and 338 are listed in the above list, for a much more enhanced method of populating these fields, please see this topic.

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