Changes added to version 242 (April release)

This update was announced on April 7, 2014.
The complete version number of this update is:

  • In MARC Help, the 'Change' button had stopped working for fixed field elements (introduced in 242). Fixed.
  • The 'Output each occurrence' option on the MARC Review Text Export page was not functioning (since approx version 239). Fixed.
  • Double-clicking on an exLibris 'MARC' file would not start a new session (if the options were set accordingly). Fixed.
  • The results dialog box for the Concatenate Files utility always opened on the Desktop (even when the Desktop box was not checked). Fixed.
  • Several typos in boilerplate messages for cataloging checks about 264 were fixed (eg. we had: 'subfield $c (Date of Publication) contains the word 'not'; if the place cannot be identified …'; we should have said: '… if the date cannot be identified …'
  • Added support for: TECHNICAL NOTICE (February 21, 2014) Additions to the MARC Code List for Relators
  • The caption for the 'Find Next record' feature did not change when the type of search changed (eg. 'Find next record without'). Fixed.
  • It was not possible to add the Greek upsilon character to the diacritics menu (because it contained the character used by the program for the MARC subfield delimiter). Fixed.
  • An option was added to the Titelist definition form that will allow repeating tags to be concatenated in the same display column.
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