MARC Report 2.42: MARC21 Changes

MARC Report 242 includes support for MARC 21 Update No. 17 (September 2013)

Update No. 17 adds the following elements:

  • $q (Qualifying information) to BIB tags 015/020/024/027
  • $q (Qualifying information) to AUTH tags 020/024
  • $q (Qualifying information) to MFHD tags 020/024/027
  • $7 (Control subfield containing the record type and bib level of the linked entry) to BIB tags 800/810/811/830

In addition, MARC Report 242 includes support for the following codelist changes:

Everyday, we harvest the various files on the LC MARC pages that make up the source codes, and assemble them into a text file named 'codelist.txt'. It is this text file that MARC Report uses during validation of the various source codes. The most recent version of 'codelist.txt' is published at this link:

For installation instructions, please see the following article: customizing_text_tables

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