MARC Report 241: Changes

  • A button named 'Clip'–short for 'Copy record to clipboard'–was added at the bottom of the Text View form. As we are receiving more queries about specific record attributes, this is an attempt to make it easier to send the records in question in an email.
  • A cataloging check was added that looks for punctuation between repeated relator terms (it should be a comma).
  • The record importer was updated to improve its recognition of aleph records.
  • It is now possible to double-click on a hyperlink (where applicable) in the program's MARC Help (F1) display and navigate to the url shown. If you just want to see the LC/OCLC/RDA documentation for the content designator, continue to use the appropriate buttons at the bottom of the help form.
  • To make it easier to find information about how to use macros, a link to the Macros help has been added to the edit session window (in the 'Help' menu). Or you can bookmark this page
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