MARC Report 239: Missing 260 problem

Beginning in the fall of 2012, the '260: Required field missing' message began to appear in MARC Report because of the increasing use of tag 264 in RDA/MARC records. This message warns the cataloger that the important publication data field is not present in the record. Unfortunately, the message code is not also aware that the new 264 field may also be used for this purpose.

This problem will be fixed in version 240. But in the meantime, the following steps will allow interested users to configure the program to deal with this issue effectively.

All steps below must be completed. Do not follow step #4 by itself or you will not be protected against missing 260 and missing 264 problems.

Although there may seem like alot of steps, the time to complete this task is only about 4-5 minutes. Slow down.

1. Download the following file to your desktop:

Right-click on the downloaded file and select the 'Extract here' option. This will add two .xml files to your desktop:

  • 040rdaNot260Or264.xml
  • Not260Not040rda.xml

2. Open MARC Report:

i. Go to the 'Utilities menu and select 'MARC Review'
ii. Click the 'Options' button then click the 'Import/Export' tab at the top
iii. Press the 'Import a review from a file' button
iv. Click the 'Desktop' icon on the right
v. Select the first file (040rdaNot260Or264) and press 'Open'
vi. A pop-up will appear confirming the import; Press 'OK'

Repeat steps iii through vi for the second file (Not260Not040rda)

Press 'Save', then press 'Cancel', to exit MARC Review

3. In MARC Report:

i. Go to the 'Options' menu and select 'Cataloging Checks'
ii. Go to the 'MARC Review cataloging checks' box (bottom right) and click 'Edit'
iii. In the 'Cataloging Check builder' form, click the 'Save As' button (bottom left)
iv. An explorer window will pop-up1)
v. In the filename box enter 'Missing 260 Fix' then click 'Save'
vi. Back In the 'Cataloging Check builder' form, locate the last two reviews in the list on the right (for most users there will be only two reviews)
vii. Drag and drop the two reviews–one at a time–from the blue form (on the right) to the green form (on the left)

Press 'Save' on the bottom right, then close the Options form

4. Last but not least

i. Start an Edit Session
ii. Go to a record that manifests the 'Missing 260' problem.
iii. If you do not have such a record handy, just delete a 260 field from any record.
iv. Press Save–the brief messages will refresh
v. Right-click on the '260: Required field missing' message.
vi. In the resulting pop-up menu, select the option 'Cancel message–for all sessions'.

Thats it.

If you deleted a 260 field in step 4.iii, either press 'Undo' to restore your record, or close the session without saving it.

Do not navigate to another folder
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