MARC Report: Special key assignments

Here is the complete list of special key assignments as of version 240. These key assignments apply only to edit sessions.

You may access this list whenever an edit session is running by pressing <Ctrl><Alt>K

Commonly used keys

<Ctrl>D		Insert MARC subfield delimiter at cursor
<Ctrl><Del>	Delete selected field
<Alt>S	Save changes to current record
<Alt>U	Undo changes to current record
<Alt>D	Mark current record for deletion


<Alt>N	Goto next record
<Alt>P	Goto previous record

Function Keys

<F1>	MARC Help for selected field
<F2>	Insert subfield '$a' at cursor
<F3>	Diacritic editor
<F4>	Bookmark/Un-bookmark current record
<F5>	Insert © at cursor position
<F6>	Add 006 to current record
<F7>	Add 007 to current record
<F8>	Copy current record to clipboard (Text format)
<F9>	Import record from clipboard
<F10>	Copy current record to file (MARC format)
<F11>	Make new record from template
<F12>	Save current record as template

Search record [the search text is entered in the 'Find Next' box]

<Ctrl>F        Find text in record (Ignore case)
<Ctrl><Alt>F   Find text in record (Case-sensitive)

Record filtering

<Ctrl><Alt>B	Create brief message filter
<Ctrl><Alt>C	Clear brief message filter
<Ctrl><Alt>M	Create 'MARC Review' filter
<Ctrl><Alt>R	Clear 'MARC Review' filter
<Ctrl><Alt>T	Create Titlelist filter
<Ctrl><Alt>L	Clear Titlelist filter
<Ctrl><Alt>A	Clear All filters

Main menu

<Alt>F	Open File menu
<Alt>E	Open Edit menu
<Alt>V	Open View menu
<Alt>T	Open Filter menu
<Alt>O	Open Options menu
<Alt>R	Open Reports menu
<Alt>H	Open Help menu

<Ctrl><Alt>K Show this list

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