MARC Report 240: Filters

A few small changes were made to the functionality of the various Filters available in an Edit Session.

Brief Message Filter

The Brief Message filter now supports inverting the sense of a filter by prefixing a minus sign to it. For example, the Brief Message filter


displays only those brief messages that begin with tag 245 or 260; by prefixing a minus sign to this filter


the result will then be only those brief messages that do not begin with a 245 or 260.

To launch the Brief Messgae filter dialog, press <Ctrl><Alt>B

Find Next

On the right hand panel, under the list of Brief Messages, there is a box called 'Find Next'. Whenever you click on a brief message, the clicked-upon message is copied down to this box. If you then press the green arrow on the right, the program seeks ahead through the file until it reaches either the next record with this message, or the end of file.

This makes it easy to 'walk through a file' stopping only at records with a particular message.

But in a big file, the message you want may be thousands of records down the line! So we added the ability in 240 to simply type in the message that you want to 'Find'.

The syntax for the message is a bit tricky, and this will work best if you have batch report to work from. Enter the tag, followed by a colon and a space, and then the exact message. Case does not matter.


300: add subf $c delimiter


300: Add Subf $c delimiter

will match, but not

300: Add subfield $c delimiter

Note: When the program reports a brief message, it always includes an occurrence number (prefixed with a dash) after the Tag:

300-01: Add subfield $c delimiter

. Do notinclude this occurrence spec when typing a message into the 'Find Next' box.

Find Next Without

If you are working through a file where most records have the same problem, you might want to skip ahead to the next record that does not havve a certain problem.

You can now do this by right-clicking the green arrow and selecting 'Find next record without this message'.

You will see when you select this option that an exclamation mark is inserted at the beginning of the message; this is a signal to the program to notmatch the message.

Find Next Notes

If, at any point, you want to stop scanning ahead, click on the red block button to the right of the green arrow. This will stop the scan.

If the program reaches the end of the file without finding a matching/non-matching message, it pops up a message saying 'Last record in file'.

Sometimes, if the program has been scanning for awhile it may seem like it is not responding to the stop button. If that happens, click it a few more times.

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