Clean up registry keys

A small utility called 'TMQ registry cleaner' is available on our website (see below for the link) that will try to delete registry keys created by MARC Report/MARC Global.

This utility may be used to delete an unwanted registration from a computer. To do this, run the utility and select the MARC Report and MARC Global checkboxes. This will clear the unwanted registration; you might then either use that registration on another computer, or re-register that computer using a new registration.

The instructions for using this utility are:

  • download it
  • unzip it
  • run it
  • select the options shown below
  • press Run


You do not need Admin privileges to run this utility.

Run the utility as the Windows user whose registration you want to delete (because MARC Report registrations have traditionally been associated with the Windows user that registered the program).

Clearing the registration will not bring back the original 30 day trial period.


Alternate method

If you know what are doing and have the appropriate authorization, remove the “MARC Report” and/or “MARC Global” keys from:

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