MARC Report 2.37: Problems resolved

  • In MARC Report 2.36, a couple of cataloging checks referring to the GMD for electronic resources were either showing when they should not or not showing when they should. Fixed in 2.37
  • In MARC Report 2.36, links on the MARC Help page (F1) to the RDA Toolkit may not have functioned correctly in some cases (for example, this problem did not affect version '3'). Fixed in 2.37
  • In MARC Report 2.36, the cataloging check for Date2 and 260 $c did not recognize all of the valid forms for indicating copyright that might appear in an RDA record ('copyright 2010', '©2010', 'phonogram 2010', '℗2010'). Fixed in 2.37
  • Some of the new cataloging checks designed for RDAMARC's 337 and 338 tags were running on authority records. (The Authority format has only the 336 field defined). Fixed in 2.37
  • There was a display problem with MARC Review cataloging checks that searched the leader: when clicking on the pertinent brief message, the cursor would jump to an unrelated field in the MARC window. Fixed in 237.
  • There was an internal error validating terms from a coded list if the item being validated was at or beyond the end of the list of terms. The program seemed to trap this exception, but its possible it might have caused some other unforeseen result. Fixed in 237.

MARC Global problems resolved

A number of problems in MARC Global were fixed:

  • the 'Change Data' option would fail if i) the contents of the top pattern were an exact match for the contents of the specified MARC Tag and subfield, and ii) the regular expression option was not selected. Fixed in 237. Note: although this bug was introduced in 2.36, it could affect saved reviews created earlier. This problem also affects version 3 users (since the same version of MARC Global is used by both MARC Report versions).
  • the option to set a custom control number tag to use in MARC Global logs did not work correctly (the program always used the 001). Fixed in 237
  • the option to 'Change Blanks to Zeroes' in the 'Fix filing indicators' option did not work correctly; in the same category, the option to 'Log exceptions' did not work correctly. Both fixed in 2.37
  • the option form for 'Add Sequential Number' did not display correctly. Fixed in 237

Problems not resolved

Customers that interface directly to MARC Report's validation module from their own software found that valplus.dll would fail to load if the PCRE library (pcrelib.dll), now distributed with the program, could not be found.

The solution is to simply copy the file pcrelib.dll to wherever valplus.dll is being copied (if applicable), as valplus expects the PCRE library to be in the same folder. We are not going to change valplus to look elsewhere for the file.

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