Accessing the "RDA Toolkit" in MARC Report

The following steps for linking to RDA instructions apply to both versions 2 and 3 of MARC Report

First, put your cursor in a field and invoke the MARC Help pop-up window in MARC Report (see “Notes” below“).

The third button along the bottom of the resulting pop-up window should be labelled RDA:

Click on the 'R|D|A' button to open the RDA Toolkit and link to instructions for the corresponding MARC Tag (and subfield, if applicable).

Screen image from the RDA Toolkit ( used by permission of the Co-Publishers for RDA (American Library Association, Canadian Library Association, and CILIP: Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals)


In version 3, invoke the MARC Help pop-up window for a field by pressing <F1>. In version 2, this setting is controlled in the options, on the 'Record Display' page.

Access to the RDA Toolkit requires a valid subscription. Here is a link for information about that:

If your institution has a subscription by IP address, then you may not need to follow any other steps.

If you have an individual subscription, or need to login, you can setup your RDA Toolkit user name and password in the MARC Report options on the Program Automation page; see the bottom left side of the page:

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