Form validation in MARC Reivew and MARC Global

When data is entered into the pattern forms in MARC Review and MARC Global, the program validates the data entry according to the typical MARC usage.

For example, trying to find all records where one of the indicator values is set to a character (e.g., 949 Ind2='a'), could be frustrating, because the validation rules used by the program for indicators would not accept a character value in an indicator box on the pattern form.

Up til now, the only way to get around this validation (assuming your records really do have this value in the indicator and you want to find them and fix them), has been to glean from the help page that one must right-click on the label for the field on the form that is in error.

Beginning with version 236, it should be much easier (and user-friendly) to bypass a pattern form validation error.

Continuing with our example (949 Ind21='a'), when you are finished with the pattern and press 'Next' to continue, the program will pop-up the (same) error message as before; but it will now add a 'Retry' button to the dialog:

If you then press 'Retry', the program will assume that you want to bypass its data entry validation and display this prompt:

And if you respond 'Yes' to this, you will be permitted to continue.

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