MARC Review 236 and Shared Sets

The changes to the cataloging check sets in 236 may impact users in the shared sets environment. However, with a bit of planning, this impact can be minimized.

First, keep in mind that version 236 will recognize, load, and correctly process .CCS files in the pre-236 format. Needless to say, the reverse is not true (versions before 236 will not recognize the 236 format)!

You may use this to your advantage during the upgrade process by not updating the .CCS files in the shared sets folder until all users have updated their software to 236.

Also note that the automatic conversion that occurs when a user enters the options for the first time in 236 is applied only to local files; this conversion cannot take place on any files in the shared sets environment.

Therefore, if you are using shared sets, you should follow these steps:

  • 1) update all users to MARC Report 236
  • 2) update the format of the .ccs files in the shared sets folder on a local machine
  • 3) copy the updated versions to the shared sets folder

Depending on your system options, users may be able to use the new format as soon as their software has been updated.

No doubt, it may take some time to update the software for all users; and in that interim, you should have an opportunity complete and test step #2, above.

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