Problems resolved by MARC Report 2.35

A small update for version 2.34 was released in Jan. 2010.
All of the changes made in that update are included in version 2.35.

Changes made since the Jan. update are listed below.

  • In MARC Report, the error message '000/06: Does not match 300 $a' might pop-up if the 300 $a contained the string 'pamphlet'. Fixed in 235.
  • In MARC Report, the punctuation checker would report an error in field 630 headings like '$aBible.$pO.T.±vSermons.', saying the period after 'T' should be checked. Fixed in 235.
  • In MARC Report, a case might arise where an error message about an initial article/filing indicator problem might be filtered out by the fexcepts.txt table. Fixed in 235.
  • In MARC Global, there was a problem when 'XXX' was used in a pattern and 'Full record Output' was also selected. Fixed in 235.
  • In MARC Global, editing an autoreview with Notepad would corrupt the autoreview file if the file contained unicode characters. Fixed in 235.
  • In MARC Global, the options form for 'Punctuation Options' did not display. Fixed in 235.
  • In MARC Review, the option 'Apply text taglist to MARC Output' did not work (broken by the Jan '10 update). Fixed in 235.
  • In the Concatenate Files utility, textfile concatenation might fail if the beginning of the textfile matched the pattern the program uses to detect a MARC record Leader. Fixed in 235.
  • In Verify, minor changes were made to the format of the MARC 'Error' filenames produced when a record failed verification.
  • In Verify, the options to reset leader bytes to default values would not be saved via the 'Save Options' button. Fixed in 235.
  • In the XML/MARC Utilities, stylesheets ending in 'r' would not work if the user had chosen a non-default installation folder. Fixed in 235. As part of this fix, the stylesheets distributed with the program have been moved from the installation folder to: My Documents\MarcReport\Stylesheets
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